Welcome to Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for surface treatment applications, aerospace & non destructive testing industries.

Like no other company, we focus our worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment.

Our products are developed for surface cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals. Our globally established product ranges, for example Oxsilan®, Gardobond®, Ardrox® and Naftoseal®, are used in the most diverse industry sectors from automotive to aerospace to electronic, and have played a leading role in shaping metal and non-metal substrate treatment.

Globally active, locally based

Our global business activities are based on tradition and experience dating back all the way to the 19th century when we were still part of the then Metallgesellschaft. Spun off as a separate entity in 1982, we are now one of the leading global players in Surface Treatment with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With our 2,500 employees, 40 subsidiaries and 21 production sites, we are a financially strong and fast growing company with a long-term orientation. Our aim is to further strengthen our quality and innovation leadership. With our own sales offices, production facilities, service teams, laboratories and warehouses at locations all around the world, we are operating in close proximity to our customers.

Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Chemetall GmbH and began operations in South East Asia 1996 after an acquiring our long term business partner in the region. Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd’s head office, manufacturing and main laboratory facility is in Singapore, which is supported by distribution operations in ASEAN territories.

Effective customer support and product backup is assured with laboratory facilities in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila. We have direct coverage with our experienced and dedicated technical staff in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong while we have long term, specialised agents in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea.

Chemetall is the only global company that specialises in surface chemistry applications, and has at its core the concept of IDEA.

Innovation through research and development providing productivity accelerators to our customers.

Dedication in all aspects of our business to become our customers’ supplier of choice.

A commitment to be Environmentally responsible by leading the market with a game changing and technologically advancement approach to our business.

The productive employment of our total Asset pool providing the most cost effective outcomes.