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Chemetall’s metal pretreatment technology can be found in every second car. It is essential as it affords long-term corrosion protection and ensures optimal paint adhesion. For the growing mix of metals used on car bodies we offer our eco-friendly Oxsilan® technology.

Metal pretreatment plays a vital role in automotive manufacturing. If it runs smoothly, the result is a perfect surface. Optimal paint gloss is of course only achieved in combination with an adequate paint system and metal substrate. This is why we have cultivated very close relationships with all leading paint producers. Together, we optimize existing processes and develop new technical solutions for product innovations.

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Eco-friendly pretreatment of metals

Evermore stringent environmental legislation, the trend towards lightweight construction and, as a consequence, the increasing mix of metals used on car bodies and automotive components has intensified the search for alternative conversion coatings. With our Oxsilan® technology, we offer an eco-friendly process suited for multi-metal applications. It can be operated flexibly and economically while at the same time offering the high functionality of an advanced phosphating process. Around the world, more than 50 automotive manufacturers and suppliers are already relying on our Oxsilan® technology.

Global network of expertise

As an international company we are working with nearly all the automotive manufacturers worldwide on the development of advanced one-stop solutions for the cleaning and pretreatment of the many metal substrates in the automotive sector. With our global network we can offer you a complete, reliable and excellent service at your premises. Due to this presence in the regional markets we understand local market demands and can competently and quickly address the respective issues that vary from country to country. Benefit from our longstanding global experience in your line of business and from our top-quality and eco-friendly technologies.

Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardacid® inhibitors
  • Gardobond® conversion coatings
  • Gardoclean® cleaner
  • Gardocool® metal Working fluids
  • Gardolene® activating and passivating agents
  • Maintenance chemicals
  • Oxsilan® eco-friendly, multi-metal thin-film technology

Expect More

  • Sustainable success due to close collaboration with all major paint manufacturers and plant engineers
  • Global key account organization with local customer support
  • Internationally harmonized product and service standards
  • Comprehensive technical support and know-how for your pretreatment process

To ensure the best outcome, please contact Chemetall for specific product and process advice and recommendations.