General Industry

Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd has products that find application in a myriad of general industry chemical applications.

Some examples are listed here, but whatever the application, Chemetall most likely has the product and the expertise to match.

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Chemetall manufactures a full range of specialised transport cleaning and maintenance products for:

  • Exterior vehicle cleaners
  • Concrete splash removers
  • Heavy duty under body cleaners
  • Waterless vehicle cleaners
  • Vehicle interiors maintenance products

Railway and Rolling Stock

Chemetall manufactures a wide range of specialised products used for maintenance, overhaul and general operations of rail networks around the world.
Our product range includes:

  • Alkaline Train Wash
  • Acidic Train Wash
  • Train End Cleaners
  • Interior Cleaners
  • Heavy Duty Degreasers
  • Water Displacing Fluids
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds
  • Engine Overhaul Products
  • Electrical Cleaners
  • Magnetic Particle NDT Consumables
  • Dye Penetrant NDT Materials

Maintenance Repair Organisations and Workshop Products

Chemetall produces a complete range of workshop maintenance products, many of which offer unique features to improve the safety and efficiency of workshop processing applications:

  • General cleaners
  • Heavy duty immersion decarbonisers, degreasers and paint strippers
  • Heavy duty decarbonisers, degreasers and paint strippers for application by spray
  • Solvent cleaners and decarbonisers
  • Descaling
  • Paint strippers – immersion and application
  • Rust inhibitors

To ensure the best outcome, please contact Chemetall for specific product and process advice and recommendations.