Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

The ABC of NDT: Penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing for aerospace and general industry

Our Penetrant Testing product range is represented by the renowned ARDROX®, Britemor® and Checkmor® brands with the following product groups:

  • Fluorescent/water-washable penetrants (oil-based, surfactant-based and water-based)
  • Fluorescent/post-emulsifiable penetrants
  • Colour-contrast penetrants
  • Penetrant removers
  • Developers

Chemetall’s proven Magnetic Testing products are marketed under their well-known ARDROX®, Lumor® and Supramor® brands comprising

  • Fluorescent magnetic inks
  • Black magnetic inks and white contrast paints
  • Carrier oils
  • Removers


Selected products around your non-destructive testing processes are available from Chemetall, such as

  • Ultraviolet inspection lamps
  • Stationary UV lamps
  • UV and white light measuring equipment
  • Permanent magnets and electromagnets
  • Magnetic field indicators
  • Field strength indicators
  • UV light protective glasses
  • Refractometers