Prepaint Treatment

Pretreatment of metal surfaces prior to wet paint and powder coating is a Chemetall speciality. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, across all industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aluminium
  • Job coaters
  • General industry

Chemetall has many global, well known pretreatment branding names. Some examples are:

  • Oakite
  • Gardobond
  • Gardoclean
  • Oxsilan

We have pretreatment processes suited to almost any substrate including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc coated steel
  • Alloy coated steel

Chemetall has a huge range of pretreatment options from conventional processes such as:

  • Iron phosphate
  • Zinc phosphate
  • Chromate

to the latest, technologically advanced formulations that address market demands for more environmentally friendly and safer applications:

  • Latest generation iron and zinc phosphates
  • Chrome 3
  • Chrome free

Our laboratories in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila are staffed by a team of experienced chemists who are dedicated to provide the best possible customer support.

Chemetall’s processing systems will offer conformance to various performance specifications including:

  • Qualicoat
  • GSB
  • AAMA

We can also supply systems that will conform to the requirements of:

  • RoHS

Chemetall is able to provide a tailored pretreatment option to suit almost any customer requirement. In the process design, each recommendation will take into account all of the contributing factors:

  • Substrate to be treated
  • Surface contamination
  • Application methods
  • Paint system
  • Performance specifications
  • Compliance specifications
  • Available funding

Expect More

  • Prior-to-paint, wet paint, powder-paint applications
  • Multi-metal solutions & eco-friendly products (chrome-free, borate-free, heavy-metal-free)
  • One-stop supplier
  • Years of experience
  • Global presence, local support

To ensure the best outcome, please contact Chemetall for specific product and process advice and recommendations.