Tech Cool 35048

Tech Cool 35048 is a unique premium machining and grinding fluid developed specifically for applications requiring superior micro-finish on ferrous and aluminum metal substrates. Tech Cool 35048 contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus compounds and is safe on ferrous & aluminum alloys. This product technology uses a unique blend of biological resistant additives which results in exceptional sump life and resistance to microbial contamination. It is DCHA free.

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Tech Cool 35052

Tech Cool 35052 is a heavy-duty, bio-resistant premium grade microemulsion metal working fluid designed for machining and grinding. Tech Cool 35052 is specifically formulated for those facilities machining aluminum, titanium, inconel and other difficult to machine alloys. Tech Cool 35052 is formulated to provide protection against the growth of bacteria without the use of biocides, DCHA or other secondary amines. Tech Cool 35052 is exempt under Rule 1144 of the SCAQMD since flashpoint is > 200oF.

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